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It’s time to find the future that fits you . Our admissions process focuses on getting to know you and you will work closely with an admissions counsellor to develop a path to get you from your first day of class to graduation and ultimately to successful future .

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1. Meet your admissions counsellor

Depending on your basic qualifications criteria our admissions counsellor will guide you through to the best programme option available for you to enroll.

3. Application Review

Applications are forwarded to student affairs department once its considered complete when all applications requirement for the programme are submitted , It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted all required documents

5. Offer

Depending on your interview outcome and minimum academic qualification available you will be subject to conditional or firm offer.

2. Registration

You will have to submit the checklist documentation along with duly completed application form and a registration fee.

4. Interviews

Depending on the course selected you may be requested for an interview with the head of academics and the senate of the school

6. Enrollment

You may accept the offer by making a payment relevant to your course on a pre selected payment plan and become a valued partner at GTC.

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