IT Facilities

State of Art – IT Lab

State of the art computer equipment is available in specialized computer labs with a total of 25 computers. Students also have controlled access to printing, scanning, internet, and other related facilities.It provides excellent computer facilities to the students of the GTC. All students have the access to the Campus PC network and to the internet.This lab provide access to diverse research publication websites ,  databases and softwares. One of the main advantage of the computer labs is that the students are able to access their Learning Management System of the departments, which is one of the facilitating online linkages for students to collect their lecture notes, submission of the assignments etc. and also support to have continuous communication and discussions with the staff on various matters.


  • A new utility centre was started for the students and faculty of the college with facilities for printing, plotting, scanning, photocopying and free stations for internet browsing.


IT Infrastructure

Physical Facilities

  • Curricular and co-curricular activities in terms of classrooms, technology enabled learning spaces, seminar halls, tutorial rooms, laboratories, and other specialized facilities provided.


The whole institute has complete Wi-Fi environment accessible to staff and students to get easy connectivity to the Internet and on-line Cloud based system. The studios and classrooms are also equipped with LCD projectors and Desktops connected with WiFi. This enables easy access to the Internet. The facility enables students and staff to access academic records, attendance system from the class itself. The corridors, classrooms, staff areas have CCTV systems in place for complete security on each floor. The Institute has Hi-Tech and fully equipped computer Labs which are fully Air-Conditioned. There are fully functioning Laboratories segregated department wise. The Ground Floor also has fully functional Library, which is Air-Conditioned for the total comfort for the students.


IT Department– Computer Hardware & Networking Support

For all the desktop computers provided to Employees and students. Finding the best possible suitable configuration for the design needs and provide them the best. Troubleshooting of all the PC and Software.


All the PCs are connected in LAN. The networking layout designing and implementation is done. The computers are spread over four storied of the building.


The campus is enabled for wireless connectivity. All the laptop users , PC’s and Smart devices are getting connected to the resources with DHCP enabled access points. Free yet Secure and controlled internet connection is provided to all.


Online Learning and Teaching – Learning Management System (LMS)

  • GTC Student Portal has been made available as e-learning platform for GTC Campus.
  • News and Forum, wherein teachers and students can discuss the topics and resolve the FAQ’s.
                 ~ Discussion forum has a very wide capacity to help students and teachers. The students can discuss on various topics and help each other.The teachers are also part of the same forum and hence helps students in their difficulty and discussions.

  • On the same platform we have deployed Feedback/Evaluation system for betterment in teaching and learning process. Feedback from students about Teachers, teaching methods, Library, and the administration of the college. Which has customized question bank and the answers are analyzed automatically. The analyzed output of the feedback is in the form of question and answers with a bar chart showing the analysis of each question.This feedback is anonymous and hence the student can give genuine feedback about the teacher and or the facility.
  • Various video and or links of the video embedded here for study.

The entire e-Learning Web Portal is accessible to the students and faculty 24 x 7 “Anytime-Anywhere”