In this course, you’ll learn all about becoming a web developer, from the responsibilities that a web developer performs on a day-to-day basis to the set of skills that you’d need to succeed in such a role. And, of course, you’ll also get your hands dirty with code: We’ll introduce you to the fundamental building blocks of the web and make sure you leave this course having developed your very first website!

DURATION:60 hours

Entry requirements

  • Should posses a minimum knowledge in IT field

Course Structure

  • Introduction to Internet & WWW
  • Static Webpage Designing & Publishing using (HTML)
  • Applying style sheet for web page
  • Hands on Practical with WordPress
  • Client-side web programming using JS
  • Server-side web programming with PHP
  • DBMS
  • Server-side integration of PHP & MySQL
  • Using Ajax for fast and dynamic Web pages

Assessment methods

Essays, Presentations, Multiple Choice Question Papers (MCQ) & Short Answer Question Papers (SAQ)