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You must submit a copy of the personal details page of your Passport / NIC

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Section B : Personal Details

You must submit a copy of the personal details page of your Passport / NIC

Section C : Personal Details

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Section D : In Case of an Emergency

Section E : Secondary School Education

Section F : Academic Qualifications

Please refer to the details in the Undergraduate Prospectus for any additional requirements and prerequisites. Include details of your previous academic qualifications & dates of commencement and completion; if you are yet to finish studies please indicate your intended completion date. Certified copies of academic qualifications must be attached to this application. If the qualifications are in a language other than English, please also supply certified translated copies.

Other Qualifications

Section G : English Language Proficiency

Please tick the appropriate box, if you have sat for any of the following exams which have been conducted in English medium.

You must provide proof of your English Proficiency to the required standard of your chosen course by providing the necessary certified document. If you do not meet the course English requirements, you may be required to complete an English Language Proficiency Test.

Section H : Work Experience and Employment Details

Please give details of any work experience and training.You may continue on a seperate sheet of paper if necessary.

Section I : Course Preference

Refer to the Postgraduate Prospectus for details of the course code, titles and start dates. You may check the entry requirements and prerequisites for each course to see if you qualify

Section J : Application Fee Payment

Section K : Further Information

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